Monday, August 31, 2015

Summary Response of "Bully" by Tessa and I

After watching the movie Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch, the movie presents the idea that bullying can lead to thoughts or actions of suicide. All the victims interviewed were tired of being bullied day by day that they had many thoughts of suicide and those thoughts were transferred into actions for few. The parents of suicidal children illustrated that their kids had dealt with terrible bullying before they took their lives. Throughout the movie, the director visibly shows how children and teens can be driven to try or commit suicide due to bullying. Not all of the children were physically bullied; however all of them were verbally bullied. After watching all the interviews of the children and the parents, the director Lee Hirsch is able to show the audience how bullying can lead thoughts or actions of suicide.

Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch, portrays that bullying in fact can lead to decisions to take one’s life because of the verbal abuse that they endure day after day, and the children or teens are tired of dealing with it. Bullies want to make others feel bad about themselves to make the bullies feel better. During the interview with Ty Smalley’s friend, the people that are trying to fight in become the bullies. Alex sees his friends are the people that bully him and call him the “b” word and try to strangle him. Alex even dictates, “They punch me in the jaw, strangle me, knock things out of my hand, sit on me, and take things from me­”. As the audience sees a scene on the bus with Alex, the other children push him around, knock things out of his hands, sit on him, take things of his, and strangling him. The bus driver sees everything through the mirror and does nothing about it. The people that bully others, they are only doing it to feel good about them and to show others that they are stronger than the kid that they are bullying. However, some kids understand that they are bullied are willing to stand up for themselves and not allow the bullies to win the fight. Kelby, one of the students interviewed, came out gay and she is made fun of daily at school. Her friends are also made fun of because the other kids think that they are gay as well. Each one of the students is not willing to give up easily on what they believe to be correct. Devon was able to end the bullying by standing up for himself for the bullies to leave him alone. As Kelby was interviewed she made the comment “If I leave, then they win” (Kelby). Kelby and Devon are able to stand up for themselves to not allow the bullies to win the fight. Both of them were able to stand for themselves and for what they believe. At first glance, many may believe that that the bullies actually care for the people that they bully. We cannot deny the fact the Cole’s bully, shakes hands with Cole because the principal told him to. This shows that the bully is indeed willing to shake hands over a disagreement.However, it is more complicated than that because each bully only shakes hands or says things to satisfy the teacher or principal's wants.  With each student and parents, the school should have a safe and fun atmosphere. No school can be perfect; however for the two students that committed suicide the teachers do not think that bullying is the reason that the student committed suicide. The movie Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch displays the idea that bullying can lead to thoughts or actions of able to show the audience that bullying others can lead to thoughts or actions of suicide.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Semester Goal

By the end of this semester, I want to have gotten an A on a writing assignment. I am a severely unsure writer, and I never know how to judge my writing. I love to write, but never know if it's good. My commitment is to conference with Smith after every writing assignment to learn from my mistakes and gain more confidence, and eventually let my friends read my writing.